Free Sex Tips

If you are visiting this website, then you are undeniably interested in some hot, no-strings-attached sex that comes with no obligations and with as few questions asked. Is it really possible that anyone gets laid in no time, with a lot of hot chicks and some of them drop-dead gorgeous, even if he is an average-looking guy? Even if you are often asking yourself this question, you have for sure heard stories of mind-blowing sex dates that one of your friends had or read on forums about twisted hookup dates that are constantly happening around you.

Under the circumstances, you may think that there is obviously something secret that you either have no clue about or have not been lucky enough to find out. Well, this is your lucky online spot, as we are here to assure you that there is nothing wrong with you and that sometimes, all it takes for a guy to become a sex bad-ass is to get some advice from the best and the most experienced.

Working for years in the adult dating industry delivers more than the fair share of the deal. We are proud to know the best tips for free sex dating and happy to share them with the community so that as many people as possible get their pleasure and satisfaction. We don’t promise miracles, but many have said that not only have they got laid following our tips and our reviews, but that they have managed to bring a few kinks and fetishes in reality.

Sometimes, all it takes is to listen to the right people, adopt the right approach, follow practical advice and join the right adult dating sites. The rest is as simple as ABC. Just follow our quick tips for online dating and you will suck and lick the best honey out tehere. We will take our reward in some blasting positive reviews here and on on online dating forums, thank you!


1. Be yourself

This is your best act. Do you know why? With thousands, even over a million members on just one adult dating site, you wouldn’t miss even if you want to. The catch is that you don’t spend your precious time on someone that obviously is not that into the real you. Cut the crap and stop acting! You will not only find the right match but also have a hell of a time while doing that. Avoid the usual trap of becoming someone else just to get into the knickers you have your eyes set on. Sure, it is a thrill to do some chasing, but you wouldn’t want to reach the finishing line all exhausted with no stamina for sex when the real stuff needs to happen.

2. Choose the right match

Your looks, your body, your money and your character can be out of space, but since when did that become the key detail for getting laid? We are sure you already know guys who are not that awesome or even rich but still manage to hookup with super hot girls? This is because not every girl shares the same interest. You see, sex attraction is a mystery and what may be hot as Lucifer for some, it may be the Antarctic for others. This is where online dating sites come as incredibly helpful. Just remember to provide some cool details in your profile section, write a few good punch lines and upload some good-quality relaxed and fun photos. Remember, photos are vital. And, you don’t have to be exactly Brad Pitt. The point is that the photos show you in a nice vibe to attract the right person for getting laid. If you are lazy, your chances go down. So, get up and get to work to produce a cool online profile section. Don’t forget what you are looking for! Even better, if you can join a dating site that works in the specific category, you will raise your chances up in spades.

3. Ask the right questions

The real question can be a mind-boner. You will know that one when you are the one that gets asked. This is the sort of question that gets you hard even if you are too embarrassed to show it. Well, on hookup sites, you don’t need to. People join sex finders to get sex and the chat gets light and breezy. Keep in mind, nothing too serious, and by all means avoid politics, money and religion when you get into that private chat room. These are sensitive topics and you wouldn’t want to get from fire to ice in no time by broaching any uncomfortable subject and clashing about it. Stay focused on light topics, don’t brag, don’t reveal everything and don’t get too intimate. Keep an air of mystery. This goes especially for girls, but guys should keep the tip in mind, too.

4. Dress to impress

Well, we know what we said just above about the looks, but dress code is something totally different. Depending on the circumstances, the right dress code can mean anything from a formal attire to full nudity. Yes, that is right, especially if you are into role play. There are three ways in which you can apply this rule: on your profile photo, once you get down to chat or when you actually meet in person. A person well-dressed doesn’t need to wear something incredibly expensive. Actually, nice and decent clothes are a sign of self-respect and show that you are respecting the other person, too. Not to mention the excitement of properly chosen dress code in fetish dressing!

5. Have good PR

No, not Public Relations. In this case PR means something completely different. P stands for past, and R stands for relationships. A good PR means that you avoid the topics altogether when you arrange for the sex date. Almost no one wants to get into serious conversations on online dating sites. Mentioning other people can shake up an already sealed deal. Why go there and spoil your excellent chances of getting laid? There is a catch though. Some girls love listening to a good sob story. If you have a recent heartbreak to share, especially if you have been the wronged party, your chances can not only get worse, but actually much better. You have no idea how leg-spreading can teary eyes be! Still, be careful with this one. Try it out with girls who want to get a revenge on their boyfriend, and actually say this on their profiles.