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We include Swipecheaters among our favorite adult dating sites, especially for married couples. Coupled up people regularly miss on the advantages of single sex life and often meet boredom in the bedroom. Swipecheaters does exactly what husbands and wives need the most - helps you get out of the marriage rut and keep the sex juices flowing. If you thought that the curtain to an amazing hot sex has dropped forever, get ready to have your hopes raised back up again. It does not matter whether you are looking for some single fun or you want to spice up your life as a couple meeting other couples, Swipecheaters is convenient for both options.

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Swipecheaters follows adult dating trends by implementing all latest developments in the world of technological sexy features. Most members of adult date finders rate the private SMS texting among the top dating gizmos. Swipecheaters members can breath a sigh of relief as not only can they send private messages but they can also share a video chat with the rest of the users in the coupled up gang. You can have some great fun by participating in the live scoreboard rating. This feature is not for the faint-hearted. Ratings change quickly and add up to the site exciting activities. Bonus features include XXX videos and live cams.

Chances of Finding a Date:

Even under the free membership your chances to score a date at Swipecheaters are great. Thousands new members register daily proving that once you get on Swipecheaters your chances to get laid there are excellent. The hookup task at hand becomes a child's play when you see how much action is actually happening on the site. Most members get right to the point by finding out who is online at the moment. People with a backtrack record of longer sex lives, like serious couples usually know how to find what they need. Do not get apprehensive - there are many people like you on this dating site who are looking for the same things and you will not be judged. On the contrary, once you get the things going you will motivate other members to open up and do the same.


All members of Swipecheaters are advised to act in line with accepted online standards of privacy, security and confidentiality. As usual, remember that you can be polite and courteous, and still sexy. Rudeness may be desired by some but totally abhorred by others, so it is better to stay on the safe side until you get to know someone. A clever principle is to follow what the community in general is doing so that you don't get sidetracked. Payments are secured and encrypted. This dating site offer several customer channels which you can use if you encounter any problem. Overall, relax and enjoy the fun as you are well protected.

Value For Money

Swipecheaters provides four basic subscription packages with different values to suit the needs, expectations and budget possibilities of anyone who joins in. Majority of users on the site are well-situated and do not mind spending an extra couple of dollars to get the best deal on the market. If you are on the side of low-key deals, the ideal alternative on Swipecheaters is the three-day membership by which you get full access to bonus features for only $2.97. Preferred options for singles are the Top Pick Package for a monthly fee of $29.95 and the Easy Savings Package which costs $74.85 for 3 months. Dedicated users who hang around the site for longer usually get the 6-month Best Value Package for a total of $119.70. Upgraded subscriptions include unlimited instant chatting and a ‘Members Only’ video cam feature.

Ease of Use:

When you start the sign-in, the site will prompt you to complete a couple of short questions included in a survey. Before you freak out, it is worth noting that the survey will only take a minute and make your hookup chances skyrocket. Members are asked to respect and support each other, so if you by any chance feel uncomfortable about any issue, it is worth sharing it with a fellow Swipecheaters confidante. You will be nicely surprised with the members quality on this adult dating service. When the sexting and IM ball gets rolling, you will get quickly in the mood - no wonder many of the profiles we browsed through had giant grins. The site is obviously packed with fun action and the atmosphere is very positive.

The Search

The survey that we mentioned above is part of the smart matchmaking at Swipecheaters. By specifying preferred physique and race and sharing your marital status, the personalized matchmaking starts doing its share by helping you hook up with the right fit. Not to worry that you will only be offered one option as the match-making mechanism creates a selection of members that you can rate and compare until you find the perfect one. The search process is additionally simplified by the numerous communication channels helping users who fit meet each other half way. Members who don't mind spending extra cash on upgraded deals can enjoy advanced search filters. Apply them to get featured in the Top Search results and view exclusive member profiles.

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