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You all probably have a married friend or a married couple that is nagging about the routine of life when coupled. Although it sounds like a cliché, there is more than a bit of truth to the story. Adult dating sites like Married and Lonely People exist for the very same reason of couple boredom. This dating service offers a chance to escape the rut by creating a directory of members in marriage who want to have some fun on the side without complicating the life with new serious relationships. Take the review tour with us to learn more about the possibilities of Married and Lonely People.

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Conveniently for new users, the dating site provides a free tour which will take you to a number of services available after sign up. The registration process is safe and secure – it takes only a couple of minutes to provide your details and to answer a quick security question to gain access. Once you are in, you can start using all free features. The first thing that comes into focus is the member picture gallery. The gallery contains mainly face pics of potential hookup matches and basic short info. If you click on the profile pic you can see and read more about the concrete member, such as more photos and detailed personal description. There is an IM field to get in touch with those you like just next to the main photo. This is an awesome way to learn what other members are into and to strike a conversation. If you are not yet ready to start dating, you can use your free options for watching a nice adult movie clip or look around for a great seduction tip, either from other member shares or from dating advice providers.

Chances of Finding a Date:

We often find assessing the hookup chances to be the most ungrateful part of the review equation. There are so many factors that contribute to the members’ success that making a clear-cut decision is a tough deal. We take into account the full number of members, the number of active members and the number of communication channels. We also pay due attention to the site features as each and every aspect can have its own role. Still, years of experience have taught us that the greatest hookup potential lies in members own chat style and sophistication. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be naughty and juicy when you communicate but it does mean that you need not be rude. So hold on your horses and your dating chances increase in spades. This is the first helpful tip from us. The rest is on you or on Married and Lonely People’s dating advice.


All usual modern safety features are implemented on Married and Lonely People. As you may have already noticed you need to complete a registration check and have you email verified just after you register. This is vital for several reasons: first, to be able to use the site in full, second, to provide an identity guarantee and third, to use the email for getting in touch with the rest of the users. On the other hand, you need to be a bit more aware for in-person meetings. When you arrange a hookup it is an excellent back-up to tell a friend that you are meeting a stranger. Additionally, always meet new people for the first time at public places. Payment process is done with the SSL certificate which means that it safe and discreet, and with adequate protection.

Value For Money

This is an aspect of Married and Lonely People that does its purpose well. Husbands and wives usually have established careers, a place to live and good salaries so they are not exactly as thrifty as for example, students, who look to save every dollar they can. This is not to say that the value provided on this adult dating website is not worth it, on the contrary, the features are cool and the price of $19.98 per month for a three-month package or of $29.95 regular monthly fee is more than acceptable.

Ease of Use:

There is no need to worry that the site tour or use of features will create any problems. Moreover, as there are not many new pages or menus that open up on continually on Married and Lonely People you will find your way around the different sections fairly easy. The left sidebar is where all activity takes place, such as who viewed your profile, who sent a wink or who are the hottest members. Most person-to-person communication happens on the member’s profile page where you start the action by sending a chat message and hoping to get lucky.

The Search

Basic search or quick search tool is all you can find on Married and Lonely People. Most married users already have too much on their hands to be able to spend too many hours on complicated searches. We assume that looking for the right match by age and location will be sufficient. In the end, there are several hundred thousand members so you will be able to find someone you like under only that many search options.

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